About the photographer

Uchenna has always loved photography her whole life. However, she never picked up a camera until 11th grade. 10th grade she learned how to photoshop, by 12th grade she was on the yearbook team and learned adobe illustrator and indesign. Knowing both digital media and mastering the techniques of a camera, Uchenna began doing photoshoots of her friends in the 11th grade. Once she hit college, she started photographing models, doing both studio shoots and outdoor shoots. Recently, she has progressed into doing editorial and fashion shoots. She has interned for three well known Houston photographers, two studio photographers and one freelancer. Uchenna's dream is to do a photoshoot for vogue, or one day get her work into a well known magazine. She also would like to model one day or get signed.

What's The Sophomore?

During her sophomore year, when Uchenna took a gap semester off, Uchenna designed her own magazine called The Sophomore. The Sophomore features all of her work and some collaborations that she has done from 2022-2023.